Style Laboratory adds some touch to event planning

by Mike Bollinger


A few months ago, Style Laboratory was a traditional event planning company.  Now they look more like a software company.  Geri Wolf, founder of Style Laboratory, moved to Gaviidae Common in downtown Minneapolis, and reinvented her business with a new technology offering she calls "style stations."

Style stations are 42" interactive multi-touch screens that allow potential clients (or the curious passerby) to explore, collect, arrange, and organize thousands of images from nearly 60  Minnesota vendors including florists, bakers, caterers, photographers, venues, and more, into "style boards" (otherwise known as inspiration boards).  With a few swipes of the finger, clients can put together an enticing one-pager of high-resolution pictures that help visually define the look and style of the event they want to plan.  Images can be browsed by vendor, event type, element, item, color, style, or cuisine.

Vendors are charged a flat annual fee to be listed in the style station.  People planning an event can use the style stations for free, but pay $5 if they want to print a full-page color version of their "style board."  The Style Laboratory offers to email a PDF of their style board for free.

"The style stations are a great tool for the general public, as well as the vendors," says Geri.  "Being able to articulate the look and feel for an event visually, rather than trying to explain verbally is very effective.  The technology enables people to see the possibilities, as well as showcase how much talent we have in the Twin Cities."

Currently the only way to use the service is directly on the Style Laboratory’s monitors, but a web-based version is reportedly in the works.