From the online market to the streets – Pedalr launches


pedalr launches public betaMinneapolis-based Pedalr announced today the official public release of their online marketplace for pedal bike products, peripherals and paraphernalia.

Having been in private beta for the past year,  Founder Andrew Korf gave us a taste of what he was doing and where he was going at Minnedemo earlier this year;  while he still considers the release to be a minimum viable product/beta, the site has since matured enough to open the doors for business.  While he doesn’t guarantee that initial users won’t experience technical bumps, Korf does pledge “to listen attentively and respond rapidly.”

What started as an experiment is now a business “to create a community of bike-minded people that makes selling online easier, more trustworthy and more profitable.”  And here’s how it works:

“Bicycles are beautiful. Why hide them behind a link or a shoddy picture-at best?  While eBay and Craigslist obviously work, we’re pushing the edges of online retailing with a clear focus on aesthetics, user experience and humanism,” says Korf, adding “it has needed to exist for a long time… it’s just a matter of who would do it.  With my passion for cycling and curiosity towards social commerce, I knew it was the right fit.”

Korf is currently the original Founder of Pedalr, although he’s recently added James Hayden as a co-founder out of San Francisco for support with business development and operations, and has received advisory input from Gene Oberpriller of Minneapolis and Joe Parkin of Santa Cruz, California from day one.

The Pedalr community currently includes 400 registered users and about 50 Pedalrs (no pun intended) with over 150 items listed for sale.  Looking ahead, Korf is exploring value-added options including flash sales (group buying discounts?) and potentially partnering with high quality niche ad networks such as The Deck.

As Minneapolis was recently voted  “Top bike friendly city in the US”  by Bicycling Magazine, Pedalr is positioned in a great time and place to bring this product to market and capture early adopters.