TECHdotMN turns six (months) today, earning revenue and marching on in the name of Minnesota’s tech startups

by The TECHdotMN Team

It’s hard to believe that TECHdotMN has been live for six months as of today. On one hand, looking at the volume of original content generated around Minnesota tech, we’ve come a long way in short order. On the other hand, we have a ways to go in our commitment to serve Minnesota’s tech community.  Every day still feels like the first;  six months in, it’s  like we’re just getting started.

TECHdotMN now has seven community sponsors. We thank them for supporting early stage Minnesota tech through this initiative and so should you!

Level I

Level II

TECHdotMN has committed to reinvest 100%  of the gross contribution from this round of initial sponsors back into Minnesota’s tech community with 50% towards Minnesota youth in technology and 50% into an account to seed fund future Minnesota tech startups. Our long term goal is to maximize TECHdotMN’s positive impact on Minnesota’s Tech community at large.

On a daily basis, we aim to (a) foster efficient & quality connections amongst like-minded individuals, (b) raise awareness about what’s happening in Minnesota’s startup tech, and (c) deliver actionable data, insights and intelligence designed to arm the entrepreneur and decision maker alike.  In addition to our original content, relevant industry (IT, SaaS, mobile, digital media, web/.com, telecom, etc.) news and information from outside the scope of our coverage is both sourced and archived for the convenience of our audience.

We continue to work hard to provide the most comprehensive and accurate (public facing) database of Minnesota Tech Companies—from the garage to public markets.  With an estimated 150 startup/early stage companies and approximately 40 publicly traded Minnesota Tech Companies, the list totals over 800 in all (majority of which are privately held small/middle-market).  Additionally, we are beginning to categorically segment sub-sectors, groups, and people.  Sharing this data in a simple and straightforward manner is consistent with our philosophy.  With help from Austin Nash, TECHdoMN’s latest addition to the team, we recently completed a meticulous audit and will be updating our records over the next 30 days. If you have any neat ideas about how we could leverage various data points/sets to create something even more valuable for the community, let us know. At the least, check to see that your company or organization is listed and completely accurate. If it’s not, just drop us a note through the “add company” button on the right side of the directory page.

Managing the calendar of events is a full time job in-and-of itself!   Thanks to those who regularly send us their events in one form or fashion.  Placing all the tech/entrepreneur happenings on the same page is as equally important for people who want to quickly plug in to Minnesota’s tech scene as it is for those who simply want someone else to stay on top of everything for them so they can work on building their own respective ventures.  This calendar can even be integrated right into your very own.  From an organizers perspective, it’s proving to be a good reference for those planning future events to ensure there’s no scheduling conflicts or overlap.  Above all, it’s a good way to get the word out to a savvy tech audience about whatever you’re promoting. There’s a big green button right above the calender that works quite well in getting events on the calendar within 24 hours. Or just @TECHdotMN any event tweets and we’ll add them.

Starting in August, TECHdotMN monthly meetings will be open to anyone and will begin to appear on the calendar of events at random. This isn’t a startup group, a happy hour or a technical track with any specific agenda. It’s simply an intimate yet casual conversation amongst TECHdotMN’s growing group of content contributors, technical volunteers and evangelists. We’ve been meeting for months and now you’re welcome to join in that conversation.

We see TECHdotMN as one of the many ingredients required to move early stage Minnesota technology forward.  To that end, we greatly appreciate the contributions from our correspondents and guest writers, our regular readers and the other leaders in this community that make things happen in their own way.

Without the real doers, we would have nothing interesting to write about !

Never hesitate to suggest ways by which we can increase our level of  service to Minnesota’s startup community…


  • Zack Steven is a key ingredient of the local ecosystem. Congrats on the milestone!

    • Jeff Pesek

      Thanks Zack – so long as people like you keep doing what you do best, we’ll keep banging the startup drum.

  • Casey Allen

    Cheers to all the real doers.

    Outstanding job thus far cranking out all of the content, Jeff and Mike.

    Nothing fosters wanting to crush it like hearing about your (unknown) neighbors crushing it in similar ways.

    And thanks the the seven sponsors for kicking ass. Absolutely stellar.

    • Jeff Pesek

      Thanks for the note Casey, good vibes.