Itizen launches new technology for old-fashioned storytelling

by Lauren Melcher


Itizen launchesItizen co-founders Mary Fallon and Dori Graff didn’t intend to start a technology company when they had their big “aha!” moment last year. Both were new mothers, and found they were sharing more and more stuff with friends and family members. From stories about children to platters and punch bowls, Fallon and Graff recognized a business opportunity in the relationship between people and their physical possessions. “It was sort of a, ‘oh, the stories these things could tell’ kind of moment,” explains Graff, now the company’s chief strategy officer.

The women turned this idea into, a patent-pending service featuring coded tags that people can attach to physical items and link to stories they post on the website. Itizen launched with a public beta site in early July, with additional functionality – including a mobile website – already in development.