Copyright and Ownership of Software: Where did we get this code anyway? GTK #18: Ray Bonnabeau

by Paul Godfread



Ray Bonnabeau

Ray Bonnabeau is a partner with Hellmuth and Johnson and serves as chair of the IT and eCommerce Practice Group.  Having practiced exclusively in the IT and eCommerce fields for over 15 years, his clients include businesses in the healthcare, financial and insurance industries.  Ray has a wealth of knowledge relating to IT contracts,  software licensing and he’s been an adjunct professor at William Mitchell College of Law teaching courses in both licensing and IP.

Typically, the most valuable asset to the tech startup is software code;  therefore it is important to know just how copyright law works and how ownership of code is determined. I spoke with Ray for just under 30 minutes about these concerns from the developers/founders perspective.

A few of the questions we address: