Can 3D Sports Technology score a million?


3D Sports Technology Minneapolis-based 3D Sports Technology, Inc. (formerly F5-Sports in Motion) made a move earlier this month when they disclosed intent to raise $1m.

The company develops software and visual animation tools to “improve how coaches teach, how players learn and how spectators enjoy their games.”

Listed on the website are two unique products (with a third forthcoming):

1)  3D Playbook is a play drawing and play animation software for football coaches that promises to “teach players faster than ever before.” The technology automatically turns a coaches real-time drawing into a 3D motion of the play that’s viewable from multiple angles.

2) Mocap is proprietary software that captures data for analytical assessment.  Wearing a special suit, athletes send movement signals through a computer, which in turn, enables trainers and medical personnel to improve performance.

3) AnimationTBA

Former Minnesota Vikings running-back coach turned ESPN football analyst Dean Dalton appears to be at the helm of things; he’s listed as a Director, Chief Development Officer and “content expert” in the football segment of the companies vertical markets. Content experts “provide leadership, content design, credentials as well as access to all levels of players, coaches and suppliers of sports equipment.”  Other listed experts include: Trent Tucker, NBA Champion & NCAA All Big Ten player; Lou Nanne, Olympic Champion &  NHL player, coach and GM; and Alan Merrick, UK &  USA professional player, coach and owner — amongst others.

There are 12 sports/activities already listed and the company anticipates an additional roll-out of 30+ sports and athletic related activities says the site.

Earlier this year, it was announced that 3D Sports Technology and local domainer DigitalTown had formed a three year content development/revenue share partnership aimed at DigitalTown’s 27,000 high school spirit sites.

According to the document, 3D Sports Technology has only raised a small fraction — $50k — of the total round in common stock equity with no minimum.  While they’re in the game with some very intriguing niche products and a credible network, time will tell if they can score in this tight market.

3D Sports Technology could not be reached for comment.