As Nibi Software evolves, Nibipedia goes quiet


Stillwater-based Nibi Software abruptly brought it’s flagship product, Nibipedia, offline today in reaction to “a windfall of unexpected positive events,” explains CEO Troy Peterson.

The social platform for education-oriented media collaboration was well received amongst early adopters; since inception some 18 months ago, the site had experienced “hundreds of thousands of hits,”  he says.

Earlier today, Peterson, the CEO and Founder posted a personal message to his blog which naturally made us curious about what’s happening with one of Minnesota’s more promising early stage software companies.  We managed to connect with Troy shortly thereafter to find him equal parts thrilled and sensitive to having made the call to temporarily reel things in.  “It’s not an easy decision to make — especially as an young company with so much invested,” adding, “at this point, it’s all about catching our breath and managing growth.”