He writes, speaks, sells, advises and judges tech biz plans. GTK #19: Sam Richter


Sam Richter ActifiSam Richter is SVP / CMO of Actifi, a Plymouth-based software company that helps large financial institutions create and develop business execution software.¬† Sam has been involved with the Minnesota Cup (High Tech division judge) since inception and he’s the author of Take the Cold out of Cold Calling (sixth printing) — a book¬† focused on web search strategies, research and sales intelligence.

“Take the Cold is a fascinating journey into the world of information, how to easily find it, and how to apply it to make sure you offer relevant solutions and make a great first impression. Information is key to almost any sale. The more information you have on your client and their needs, the better chance you have to ensure your solutions are relevant and the better chance you have to close a deal.”