Building a cadre of Minnesota entrepreneurs starts with leadership. Get to know #20: Scott Litman


Scott Litman happyWhen an entrepreneur achieves an extraordinary level of  success, distilling the story in anything less than a biography feels like an injustice. At the pace that this Minnesotan moves — with the track record, passion and ambition he carries — it’s not hard to imagine reading about him long after it’s all said and done.

From his teenage years with Microsoft,  his 20’s with Imaginet Inc./Imaginet, LLC, through Spot by Spot and into Magnet 360, Scott Litman has proven his entrepreneurial muster on numerous occasions.

While many local entrepreneurs, business leaders, professors and politicians know the name and face of the man who Co founded Minnesota’s statewide business plan competition six years ago, perhaps less is known about where he comes from and where he’s going.  Join us for a fascinating look into the mind of one accomplished entrepreneur whose positive impact on Minnesota’s business climate at large simply cannot be quantified.


  • Ben Edwards

    I am glad to have worked with Scott in the past and to continue our relationship with Magnet360. Glad to see you are interviewing him.

  • Casey Allen

    I dig the honesty Scott shows as he bares his soul about past journeys. Priceless.

  • Rob Weber

    I listened to the interview on my drive in this morning. It was nice to hear Scott’s story from the beginning. The originals of Magnet 360 make a lot more sense to me now that I have heard about Scott’s inside view of large media holding companies like WPP and Omnicom.

    As an entrepreneur, the question I kept asking myself is if Scott’s model for Magnet 360 could be applied outside of the marketing services industry. It would seem to me that many industries that get rolled up suffer the same kinds of problems in terms of not focusing on the customer needs.