SMB Tweet, the Twitter tool for small business, is now in public beta


SMB TweetThe Monkey Island trio is at it again with their third product offering to date.  SMB Tweet is an application designed to help small businesses achieve results through the hottest of all social media platforms: Twitter.

Based on the premise that that people are more likely to discover a relevant profile that follows them first (rather than proactively finding it on their own), the service aims to streamline a set of best practices for identifying, following and building a Twitter audience.

“It’s corollary to Co Tweet, the well-known Enterprise level software that big brands like Starbucks and Ford have used to cultivate their own audiences through Twitter. There’s definitely  more features in the works, but right now, this is a proven tool that small businesses can use to get into social media and develop a base audience from scratch,”  explains Co-founder Zack Steven.  “Just enter a desired location, keywords, an email,  OAuth credentials and you’re good to go.”

Basically, once the criteria is laid out — desired location & keywords — the algorithmic technology goes to work through the Twitter API and returns a preview of suggested followers relevant to the business or brand.  Once the business user has opted-in and approved the initial set, the service will automatically follow those people while re-scanning the Twittersphere every so often to add new followers in queue. Settings can be configured to automatically follow new profiles as they are found.

Interestingly, the service will also systematically unfollow those who haven’t followed the business back after a certain time frame.  And what about  results?  “Keep in mind that this all happens while the proprietor is focused on running every other aspect of their business. We’ve been  able to save owners plenty of time and hassle while delivering up to 100’s of return followers per month, followers that these companies and are building new relationships with,” says Stevens

The team initially came across the idea last fall when they noticed a pattern in the social media consulting they conducting with local small businesses.  After a six month development cycle and a brief private beta that racked up around 65 early adopters, the service is now open public beta — but won’t remain free for long according to Stevens.

Josh Becerra, Zach Steven and Colin Hirdman are three childhood friends turned biz partners that formed parent company Monkey Island Inc. back in 2006 when they started their first web product Buy The Change.  They have since launched another twitter application called Localtweeps, ventured into social media consulting services for small business, and opened a co-working space known as The 3rd Place.


  • Nate Flink

    As developer during this phase of SMB tweet, it was a thrill to see how well this idea works, especially for businesses wanting to rapidly grow a following. I tip my hat to Monkey Island