Minnesota startup GeaCom raises $812k for life saving telecommunications device


GeaCom PhrazerBased on SEC documents filed earlier this week, Duluth-based GeaCom has secured an unattributed $812,499 in an equity financing round.

Phrazer, GeaCom’s core technology, is the convergence of hardware, software and media.  As a hand held device, Phrazer aims to find a patients native language and culture (in 15 seconds or less), discover immediate medical issues, gather vitals and connect to medical history through an EMR system.

The application of Phrazer is intended for emergency medical and life-threatening situations, including but not limited to:  the emergency room, urgent care facilities or field use (rapid response/disaster scenarios).

For a more detailed overview of the company’s origins, leadership and Phrazer, see our earlier interview with CEO Mat Johnson. New product prototype images (Gichi, Bulldog, Phrazer Headphones) have recently been posted to the company’s website, reflecting both the innovative nature and global potential of this Minnesota startup.

GeaCom is a strong contender in the Minnesota Cup’s Tech Division and could very well end up advancing to the next round when the official announcement is made — as scheduled for later today…


  • http://openswipe.com/ Casey Allen

    Wow, I thought I'd never see the day (post-2000) a MN pre-revenue company would raise even 100k nonetheless 800.

    Well done GC.

    Double well done on getting Art Fry, the inventor of the Post It Note, on your board of advisors. Bragging rights right there.

    • C Petri

      They are now in Fraud lawsuits and Payables lawsuits

      • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek


        • c petri

          Geacom Now in last stage of discovery on the first law suit for 1.9 million.
          Want details call me Chris Petri 630 5423345