thisCLICKS launches ‘When I Work’ to ease the pain of scheduling

by Geoff Dutton


Although Chad Halvorson had the original idea in the late 90’s (while working in a grocery store), he finally had the resources lined up to go forward with in July 2009.

A product of thisCLICKS, When I Work was created to solve the problem of irregular shift scheduling for employees and managers in retail chains, coffee shops, restaurants, student work study jobs, etc. . The software as a service  is able to notify employees of work schedules and shift changes via the mobile web, email and even text message. For example, an employee can remotely request a shift change, alerting other employees automatically rather than having to contact each employee and/or manager separately.

Halvorson says the next step is to “focus on conversions and retention” in response to the 150 business that have signed up for the free version since publicly launching the product last month — including Dunn Brothers (Oakdale) and Patrick McGovern’s Pub in St. Paul

The true magic in When I Work is the scheduling approach. Most other scheduling software services use a “calendar-based view”, whereas When I Work has the option to segregate the schedule by individual employee shifts.  When I Work is also supported via iPhone/Android app as well as through the WebKit engine, offering cross-platform convenience.

Built using the Kohana PHP framework, Halvorson strives to “iterate fast and release often” with an emphasis on talking directly with the end-users to continuously improve the functionality and utility of his product. ‘The goal is to do scheduling and do it better than anyone else,” he says when asked about extending to services like payroll, noting that the technology will eventually have an open API for further integration and greater enhancement.

Currently, there are four people dedicated to working on When I Work, backed by support from the entire thisCLICKS team, a full-service website and application development firm. The company anticipates releasing other applications, specifically in the healthcare/IT space. “Ideally I’d like to have a few different web applications in the thisCLICKS portfolio and be known for exceptional customer service,” says Halvorson while looking ahead.