Dangerous ducks and other ways Best Buy’s Geek Squad does its part

by Peter Elwell

Geek Squad“Don’t click on the ducks!”  “Free is a trick!”

These are two basic lessons learned from Project in Pride for Living (PPL) participants who recently completed Internet safety training provided by volunteers from Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

For many low-income families, obtaining a computer and finding affordable Internet access is difficult.  Even if these two hurdles are overcome, other, more complicated challenges often await — since an inexperienced user is more susceptible to getting virus’ and other unwanted malware on their computer.  There are a variety of reasons for this including: lack of experience using the Internet, the natural temptation of ‘free’ (and otherwise deceptive offers), and that more people are typically using a single machine.  The high cost of professional tech support and troubleshooting only adds to the technical hardships that many Minnesotans  face.