Create. Launch. Repeat. Startup Weekend Twin Cities Returns!


In alignment with Kauffman’s Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010, Minnesota will join the list of 30+ parallel Startup Weekend events happening  around the world this fall. From Friday November 19 through Sunday the 21, teams of local developers, marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs will get together to pitch, vet, build and demo new products over a single weekend.

Hot off Minnesota’s first Startup Weekend, organizer and COO Shane Reiser said “…the energy, feedback and outcome was so positive that this place is ready for more.” By the numbers, 100 registered for the last weekends hackathon at CoCo MSP and between 80-90 people came out for the initial pitch night on Friday.  In the end,  around 60-70 startup enthusiasts spontaneously collaborated across 13 unique teams. A review of John Sheehan/Twilio’s interview library provides a great sense of what Startup Weekend was like for those who participated.

“Fresh speakers, ample prizes, experienced judges and benevolent sponsors will be added over the coming weeks with a suitable venue in either Minneapolis or St. Paul to be confirmed shortly,” according to Resier.  Registration is now open and early bird tickets ($50) are available through October with student tickets fixed at $40.

“The first Twin Cities Startup Weekend exceeded my expectations. I’ve been through nine of these now and I believe there’s an opportunity for the startup community in Minnesota to build off the momentum of this past weekend and show the world its potential ,” he affirmed after all was said and done.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, any feedback (bandwidth duly noted) left in the comments section will be presented to the Startup Weekend crew in preparation for what is sure to be another rewarding experience for everyone involved. Also, please note any incomplete or inaccurate data from the profiles below…

The aptly named Qonqr came out on top of the first Startup Weekend Twin Cities —  followed by Rock Your Block and Heavy Analytics.

QONQR – SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

Qonqr is a location-based, Risk-like, mobile game played out over the face of the earth! Players are operatives who must capture geographic zones by deploying nanobots to help their army defeat the opposing armies and qonquer the world. Successful deployments, recruiting, and squadron coordination result in experience points that, over time, promote the operative through higher and higher ranks, providing more powerful nanobot options.” Twitter Facebook

Team: Andy Pickett – Developer; Scott Davis – Silverlight Architect; Michael Maddox – .Net Developer; Justin Peck – Ideator/Promoter; Jessy Houle – Coder/Designer

RockYourBlock – SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

“With Rock Your Block, teens are able to search for work within their neighborhood. Work tasks may include: babysitting, raking leaves, shoveling snow, walking/caring for pets, etc. The community will enable teens to network with adults in their neighborhood to find odd jobs to earn money. The adults will be able to post work on the site and teens will be able to search for work that complements their skills. A personal resume will be generated for each teen worker as they complete jobs, build experience and skills and earn recommendations.” Twitter

Team: Sarah Young – Team Lead; John Hibscher – BA / DB / Dev; Max Harper – Developer; Sean Canton – Antagonizer; Joel Gerdeen – Researcher;
Mike Wesely – Motivation

HeavyAnalytics – SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

Heavy Analytics for BuddyPress is a plugin for BuddyPress that gives community managers actionable information about participants’ activities within their online community. The Platinum edition (now taking orders) supports integration with Google Analytics by delivering user-specific information to community admins.” Twitter

Team: Eric Johnson – Development; Matt Chadwick – Development; Toby Cryns – Design/ Usability/ Strategy

“CartBrain allows you to easily add items to a shopping list through your smartphone and see all the available promotions of particular items on the shopping list at a click of a button, while maintaining digital copies of receipts.” Twitter; Facebook

Team: Dean Gannon – Product Developer; Abbey Fitzgerald – Designer; Austin Nash – Product Designer; Brian Brinkoworth – Privacy Advocate; Parag Shah – Pitch Man; Quinn Kiley – Ninja

“The quality of your air travel experience is determined by the people around you. The social aspects of flying are too important to leave to chance. FlightCrowd connects you to interesting people already on your flight. Who’s in your FlightCrowd?” Twitter Facebook

Team: Benjamin Kitt – Developer; Mark Newcomb – Jack of all trades; Luke Huggett – Student; Roy Bryan – Student; Jeff Bollinger – Development

Polywik – SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

Polywiks is a Social Gaming App utilizing real-time voting records, so that you could follow every politician’s actual decisions in office, similar to daily status updates, and vote on whether or not you would do the same thing. This way you are building up your own voting history on real events, and then at the next election, you can compare how you voted with each candidate and elect someone based on concrete decisions they made while in office and how those stack up against your voting record, had you been in their shoes.” Twitter 

Team: Jefferey Miller – Founder; Ben Peirce – Developer; Robert Dempsey – Dev/Project Man;  Scott Scanlon – Marketing; Adam Fanslau – Marketing; Don Hanson – Research/Development

Mibrary-SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

“Mibrary is the world’s best digital library. With Mibrary you can read as much as you want, whenever you want, on whatever device you want. Browse. Download. Read. Repeat. All for less than the price of a paperback. Set your bookshelf free. Become a Mibrarian.” Twitter; Facebook

Team: Kate Moss – Co founder; Christine Rehm-Zola – Co founder; Dana Severson – Co founder.

“Skedadle brings innovative solutions to the world of competitive athletic racing. Combining world-class web design with at-cost processing fees, Skedadle is the site of choice for race directors and organizers to market their events.” (Skedadle did not pitch/demo on Sunday night but did say there’s currently an unfinished prototype of the site in a QA environment which is moving into production)

Team: TJ Mattai – Project lead; Jake Gumbrill – Sales Lead; Mike Resman – Developer; Eric Nelson – Designer

Run With It is the ebay for unfinished projects and business ideas. This is an online community dedicated to coders & programmers who want to sell/buy/or complete unfinished projects. These ideas and projects are sold, or given away, to buyers who gain complete ownership of the project. So Run With It – post away and make some money on that project you spent so much time on…or search & browse for your next business idea.” Blog Twitter

Team: Brad Bach – Writer;  Joel Howard – Founder; Adam Lanners – Coder; Brad Olson – Animal

Pocket Website – SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

pocket website“The Pocket Web Site puts you in control of the content of your life. Easily add pictures, videos, blog entries, audio, documents and other content to your own hand-held Web site. Send your friends, family and business associates a link and they can keep up-to-date on what you are up to any time.”

Team: Sam Morse –  Jack of all trades; Mike Dorin – Developer

“What drives you as a creative? We are all inspired by one thing or another. InspireMPLS is a way to share with other creatives what inspires your creativity!” Twitter

Team: Dane Messal – Designer; Jake Dahn – Hacker

Locate My Deal – SWTC from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

“Locate My Deal is a location-based deal finder.” Twitter


Jeremy Mooney – System Administrator;  Aaron Kardell – Developer; Joseph Rueter – User Experience; Niel Berget – Developer; Nate Kadlac– Designer

“You’re on a road trip in another state, cruising down the interstate. Other cars are wizzing past you like you are standing still, but your wife is telling you she thinks you’re going too fast. If only you knew the speed limit. Can your iphone help? will tell you the speed limit is and let you know when it changes.”

Team: Adrienne Peirce – Project Manager; Bob Dale – PR/Marketing;  Brett Weik-Ulrich – Ruby Developer; Chris Mason –  Designer; Jake Dahn – Developer


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