Updated – Dispatches from the RAIN Makers Conference

by Mike Bollinger


RAIN Makers Conference

Over two non-stop days, a number of Minnesota tech entrepreneurs are commingling with accredited investors at the RAIN Maker’s Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Hosted by RAIN Source Capital, the theme of this year’s 7th annual gathering is focus—where to expend capital and time to maximize future returns.  Richard Sudek, Chairman of Tech Coast Angels gave Thursday’s keynote and Keith Kegley from the XPrize Foundation delivered Friday’s closing remarks.  Five Minnesota technology start-ups are exhibiting at the event, in alphabetical order:

TECHdotMN conducted multiple video interviews, as posted below:

RAIN Source CEO Steve Mercil discusses the significance of the event and the organization’s ambitious future, best summarized in Thomas Lee’s scoop.

Jeff Fritz is Managing Principal of Cahill Adams, a business accelerator and investment company. Fritz started (2003) and sold (2008) Lighthouse1, a software-as-a-service company in the health care account management space.

Frank Vargas is an Attorney who represents emerging growth companies with the firm Gray Plant Mooty (GPM), a sponsor of the conference. Frank recently moved back to California (Mountain View) where he’ll be representing GPM while establishing relationships with West Coast investors and making introductions on behalf of Minnesota startups.

Lief Larson is President and CEO of Workface, the company behind BusinessCard2. BusinessCard2 is working to be the business card for the internet—empowering businesspeople to create, promote, and broadcast their professional persona. In this interview, Lief touches on the Workface platform, the recent acquisition of Card.ly and the momentum of his company.

David L Welliver is President of WellAdvised, a consulting firm focused on the financial aspects of startup ventures and qualification around the Angel Tax Credit. Here, David talks about his new role as Minnesota’s first “RAIN Maker” with RAIN Source Capital.