From San Francisco to Chicago, Inveni ready to unveil public beta


Over a year in the making, Minnetonka-based startup Inveni will simultaneously launch its public beta today at San Francisco’s TechCrunch Disrupt (demopit/startup alley) and midVentures LAUNCH conference in Chicago.

The web service for media (movies and television) allows users to discover new content, receive highly personalized recommendations, and share with friends. In short, it’s all about finding you a show to watch tonight based on everything you already know you like or dislike.

“We are revolutionizing personalization online,” said Aaron Weber, Inveni CEO and Co-founder. “We’re excited to get this site into the hands of our fans and watch how the product evolves and improves as we build awareness. We want to help people discover new content, and we want to help users take back control of their data and preferences.”

Latin for “discovery”, Inveni is placing its bets on the idea that the future web is going to be made of “personal discovery engines,” which in contrast to traditional search engines, give personalized results instead of canned responses based on a single set of criteria assumed for everyone performing the search.

Inveni personalizes its recommendations for each user by letting them import ratings and preferences for movies & TV from around the web (Netflix, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and 5 others), and then lets users rate movies and TV shows directly on the site. This creates what Inveni is calling a “taste profile” which, when combined with a user’s current mood, creates a dataset from which Inveni can make precision recommendations.

If things go well for Weber in the alley, there’s  an opportunity to squeeze into the “startup battlefield” line-up at Disrupt where they can compete for $50,000 in cash and benefit from a serious amount of global publicity.

Meanwhile, Rob Bodor, CTO and Co-founder of Inveni, will present to the crowd today at midVenturesLAUNCH — Chicago’s own Midwest tech conference with over $100,000 in cash prizes.  Inveni is one of  three Minnesota-based participants in the COMPETE track, including Itizen & Wokface.  As winners of  recent Startup Weekend Twin Cities, Qonqr will be exhibiting at midVentures LAUNCH demo.

“Our service helps people find great content, that they want to consume, faster and easier. We help people make better decisions by using their tastes and their friends tastes in a directed way to solve their problems,” said Bodor. “The future of the web is discovery based on your personal tastes.”