New Sponsors, Weekly Digest, Calendar and Giving Back

by The TECHdotMN Team

Greetings – a quick update on things happening at TECHdotMN which our readers should know about:


StartupShoppe joins Gray Plant Mooty, The Nerdery, ipHouse, Marcato Partners, W3i and WellAdvised as site sponsors;  Bust Out Solutions is our new calendar sponsor. 



We implemented a new calendar today to allow for deeper integration with the rest of the site. From design to data, the purpose is to make for a better experience all-around.  There are new ical & xml subscriptions for this calendar feed as the old ones will be phased out soon (see comment below). Drop us a note if you find a bug and send your Minnesota tech events here for posting.

Weekly Digest

Based on feedback, we’ve changed the frequency of our email digest from monthly to weekly.  If you’re not already subscribed you can drop your email address in the box on the right to receive a recap of the previous weeks headlines and upcoming weeks events.

Giving Back

100% of the gross revenue from our first round of sponsors is being re-invested into the community 50% going towards under-served youth in technology and 50% into a new Minnesota startup.  Moving ahead, 51% of TECHdotMN’s gross revenues are going into a youth technology initiative.  We’ll be announcing the details soon, but in the meantime contact us if you or someone you know has an interest in helping Minnesota youth become more technologically literate.

Stay tuned & have a nice weekend,

The TECHdotMN team


  • Casey Allen

    If readers want to view events in their own Google calendar WITHOUT permanently adding them here's how to pump in the feed in a way that allows you to have them be visible/invisible with one click. Google doesn't make this anywhere near as easy as they could…hope this helps a little:

    1. In your gCal, on the left hand side in “My Calendars” click “Add”
    2. Name the calendar “TechDotMN”. That's it, don't fill out anything else. Click “Create Calendar”
    3. Go to and click “Subscribe in iCal”. A small .ics file will download
    4. Back in your gCal, under “My Calendars” again, click “Settings”. Click “Import Calendar”
    5. Choose the .ics file. In the pull-down menu, choose “TechDotMN”. Click “Import”
    6. Back in your calendar, you should now see the TechDotMN calendar on the left hand side and can toggle it on/off as you desire by clicking on it. This allows you to see all events in real time without all events permanently being added to your calendar and clogging it up. That's what happens if you do a straight import and it's irreversible.

    Cheers to the new sponsors.

    • Jeff Pesek

      Thanks for explaining that Casey!