Datacard Group Acquires Colorado-based Dynamic Card Solutions



Via News Release

Datacard Group today announced the acquisition of Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), the world leader in instant issuance software for financial card programs. The acquisition, which includes the DCS flagship CardWizard software, strategically expands Datacard’s portfolio of end-to-end instant issuance solutions for banks, credit unions and retailers — and it positions the company for fast growth in a promising global market.

“This acquisition creates an industry-leading source for instant card issuance solutions,” said Todd Wilkinson, president and CEO of Datacard Group. “Datacard is the world’s best-selling brand of card issuance solutions. CardWizard is the best-selling brand of instant issuance software. Together, the two companies have more than 30,000 successful instant issuance installations. It’s a powerful combination.””

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