Four years in and ‘bursting at the seams’, Twin Cities Code Camp 9 now spanning two days

Twin Cities Code Camp 9, Minnesota’s bi-annual code bazaar is “bursting at the seams,” says Co-organizer Andy Pickett who recently joined Brandy Favilla and Jason Bock in organizing “the biggest and best Code Camp on any side of the Mississippi.”

Currently around 450, registration (free) is  expected to hit 500 between now and 8am this Saturday when the doors open to room 4-192 inside the EE/CS building (Keller Hall) at the University of Minnesota.  While 500 registrations doesn’t equal 500 in attendance (read: attrition), a good 300+ is anticipated for two days of content across 45! unique sessions.

As a community-driven event, not unlike the unconference format many of us are accustomed to by now, Twin Cities Code Camp follows the guidelines published in the Code Camp manifesto.  Attendees and speakers from near and far have been known to frequent The Camp — including regulars from Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas. “We’ve even had a speaker come from Canada!” Bock exlaims, adding “It’s exciting to see the regional developer community resonate to the event and continue to attend.”

A catalsyt since the beginning, Co-organizer Brandy Favilla remembers the first Twin Cities Code Camp back in November 2006, when a crowd of 100 came to New Horizons of Minnesota (now Benchmark Learning) to see what the fuss was all about.  As both attendance and personal contribution rose year over year, Favilla quickly realized that building a (relatively) decentralized and organic cluster of enthusiasts revolves ample humilty and gratitude. “Without the support of sponsors, attendee’s and speakers, we wouldn’t be able to continually expand and grow a community of peers and professionals,” she expressed during our exchange.

And the sponsors of Twin Cities Code Camp 9 include: Magenic, Benchmark Learning, Microsoft, Thoughtworks, Sourcegear, Globe University/MN School of Business, Inetium, RBA Consulting, Manning Books, The Nerdery Interactive Labs, Apress, LogicNP Software, O’Reilly and Intertech.

“Whether you’re a student, amateur, corporate, or indi dev — come to Code camp, push yourself to learn new things, get inspired, then get out there and start something!” said Andy Pickett, still high from his Startup Weekend Twin Cities victory.

Between Twitter, (#TCCC9) Facebook and YouTube, it’s hard not to find or follow the action this weekend!