Ayrstone Productivity raising $100k for rural Wi-Fi meshing technology


Ayrstone ProductivityNorth Oaks-based Ayrstone Productivity recently signaled plans to raise as much as $100k in equity financing for high-power Wi-Fi “hubs” and meshing technology to provide strong Internet signals across large areas.

Launched in 2007, the company’s flagship product —  Ayrstone AyrMesh — is intended primarily for farms and other rural residents.  For under $300, the hardware/software system can distribute internet access up to several square miles and create a private local-area network over that area for Internet browsing, data collection, monitoring, and security.  According to the companies website, “AyrMesh hubs work much like wireless repeaters or range extenders, but with a few important differences:”

-The network self-heals: if one Hub has a problem, other meshed Hubs will route traffic around it so the network continues working

-All Hubs get their configuration information from ayrmesh.com; you never have to manually reconfigure an AyrMesh Hub

-The AyrMesh Hubs in your network all use the same SSID (network name) and password, so you can move between them without interruption to your network connection

-The AyrMesh Hubs are much more powerful than most of the repeaters or range extenders on the market

Although the SEC filing indicates that only $40k (unattributed) of the $100k sought has actually been received as of September 30,  Ayrstone President Bill Moffitt notes that “the company is backed by partners with long involvement in technology and this ‘closed round’ is exclusively limited to one investor.”