Executable #1: Phil Soran, CEO, Compellent

by Casey Allen


About Executable #1:

Hear how Phil Soran, current Founder and CEO of  Compellent, walked away from his job at IBM selling storage systems to launch his first startup Xiotech.

Together with friends, Phil managed to convince early investors to back the venture (with no product) and build Xiotech for 5 years before selling the company to Seagate in 1999 $360m. In this interview, Phil discusses how he convinced those first investors, acquired the first customer and talks about the experience of selling to a big company — which would set the stage for  his second startup and MHTA member company Compellent.

*Special thanks to Stemmler Productions for the video production services


  • http://twitter.com/robertjweber Rob Weber

    We use Compellent hardware in the data center of Minnesota-based W3i. In our September board meeting in Silicon Valley, I mentioned to our board that we were using Minnesota-based hardware.

    Their response- “Does it actually work?” I smiled, and said YES.

    Let’s put Minnesota high tech on the map! Go Compellent!