Want to raise VC? Stand out in a hot market! LSS #26: Alvenda



Alvenda InterviewThere’s no disputing the ripple effect that just one new startup company can have on a community, city, or even an entire state.*

And for those seeking of a vote of confidence in the future of Minnesota tech (or some milestones to emulate) — look no further than Alvenda.  Digging deeper, hear how Co-founding CEO Wade Gerten played off his Retek roots to identify and build the team behind an ambitious idea that would “make history” in July 2009 by bringing retail to Facebook  for the first time.

Tune in for the details around how this startup was coronated the Minnesota Cup Grand Prize Winner in September 2009 and leveraged that momentum to raise $5m series A from Minnesota Venture Capital firm Split Rock Partners just two months later.   Fast forward to August 2010 and hear Wade describe how Alvenda would further distinguish itself through another first:  enabling air travelers to book flights through Facebook. What’s next?