Two Minnesota Startups Take Home TiE20 Award


Earlier we reported on the three finalists representing Minnesota at the nationwide startup competition known as TiE20. Last weekend, Adaptiveportal and Gimigo were selected as winners in the  Internet and software categories, respectively.

TiE20 is a group of Top 20 early stage tech ventures recognized from thousands of nominees across four focus segments: Internet, Media, Mobile and Software. The winning startups received ‘awards of excellence’ and five minutes of pitch time during  TiECon 2010 Midwest – one of the largest annual entrepreneurship focused conferences in the region attracting successful Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Industry Executives.

AdaptiveportalAdaptiveportal is a meta-driven web application platform that is designed from ground-up for deployment in the cloud.

“We are thrilled, humbled, and honored,” exclaimed Adaptiveportal President Ketan Kakkad in response to the accomplishment. “Having committed personal resources and a lifetime of savings in developing this product, this award holds a special place in our hearts because it comes from the network of peer entrepreneurs.”

GimigoGimigo is a portable and secure means of keeping personal information up-to-date in an ever changing world of information — from email and phone to mailing addresses and credit cards.

“It’s great to have represented Minnesota and Gimigo at the TiE Midwest 2010 event. Thank you to those who voted for us, it gives me great pleasure to share this award with you!,” said Gimigo CEO Lukas Dickie.