From the Outside Looking in: Ty Morse & Songwhale

Minnesota-kaleidoscopeFrom the outside looking in is a dual-purpose interview series with former Minnesota tech entrepreneurs pursuing their startup companies elsewhere.  It’s great to see homegrown talent making it happen — but why not here and what can we learn from their perspectives?

Entrepreneur: Ty Morse

Roots:Twin Cities, Minnesota

Venture: Songwhale

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

What’s your background as it relates to Minnesota? Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, but I currently own a record label in the the Twin Cities and still record music there in my free time. My business partner Jon Greenlee went to the U of M and settled down in the Twin Cities after school. I’m 7 years younger than him so when we first started working together on projects 10 years ago it was natural for us to use Twin Cities as a staging area since Jon had developed a talented network there of artists, programmers, and friends.