MVTV Wireless Completes Install of Five New Wireless Base Stations in West Central Minnesota


MVTV Wireless
Last week Nonprofit Internet provider MVTV Wireless completed the installation of five new wireless access points throughout five different towns  in west central Minnesota — Spicer, New London, Wabasso, Jeffers and Windom — that represent an estimated 1,500 new subscribers.

Considered phase one of four, the federally funded ARRA project is aimed at upgrading the network’s entire existing broadband infrastructure from 20 meg to 100 meg back hauls and installing 34 new WiMax access points to serve new communities covering approximately 8,000 square miles in west and south central Minnesota.  The organization currently has 66 access points spanning approximately 12,000 square miles; when all is said and done, plans are to provide last mile service to an additional 53,000 Minnesotans, 479 business and 200 critical care facilities.