VISI Becomes First Tier III Design Certified Commercial Data Center in Minnesota



Via News Release

VISI, the Minnesota-based data center, managed hosting and cloud computing provider, was awarded Tier III Design Certification from The Uptime Institute
for their Eden Prairie, Minnesota facility. VISI is the first commercial data center in Minnesota to receive the Tier III Design Certification from The Uptime Institute.

Tier Certification of Design Documents ensures that the data center, as represented in the design documents, are consistent with the Tier requirements of The Uptime Institite Tier Standard: Topology. The Uptime Institute is the only firm that is licensed to rate and Certify topology against The Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification System.”

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  • christopher mitchell

    Hrm. I think you mean TDS – Visi was purchased. It annoys me when good local companies are swallowed by national companies but continue to pretend to be local. No offense to the good folks who work at Visi, but TDS makes the decisions now…

    • Jeff Pesek

      I hear what you're saying, but technically, VISI remains a wholly-owned subsidiary…

  • Ernie, Bert's friend

    Oh, this explains Jeff's “Networks” post of 8 nov. Voila!