Engineering the Global Classroom, One Digital Course at a Time. Get to Know #24: Keith Koch


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As a subsidiary of Capella Education Company (NASDAQ: CPLA), Minneapolis-based Capella University is Minnesota’s third-largest University based on enrollmentand it’s all done online.

Founded in 1993, Capella University offers accredited graduate degree programs in the fields of business, information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology, as well as bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of business, information technology, and public safety.  More than 38,000 students are currently enrolled, representing all 50 states and 52 countries.
Seventy-eight percent are pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees.

Keith Koch is vice president of next generation learning where he leads Capella University’s awardwinning efforts to provide a high-quality and relevant online user experience for Capella learners and faculty.

His team develops and maintains the company’s online course rooms and course room applications; external and internal Web sites, collaborative environments and interactive experiences, such as:  simulations, discussion forums,  networking sites and online multimedia.

Koch joined Capella in 2000 as the company’s first manager of Web strategies. Keith was named director of next generation learning in 2004 and promoted to vice president in 2009. He previously worked as an ecommerce brand manager and Web designer at Fingerhut Companies. Koch earned his bachelor’s degree in Retail Marketing and Management from the University of Minnesota, then self-trained in the nascent field of Web site development and ecommerce before returning to the University of Minnesota for a master’s in Human Ecology, with a self-directed focus on virtual environments and new media design.

Podcast recorded by Aaron Bannin