Minneapolis Girls in Tech Expands Vision Under New Leadership

by Lauren Melcher

Girls in TechnologyThe Minneapolis chapter of Girls in Technology (GIT) has named Jacque Urick to Managing Director, a role previously held by Urvashi Mishra, who launched the Minneapolis group                                                                                                   earlier this May.

Girls in Tech was founded in San Francisco (2007) with the goal of empowering, educating and elevating status of women in technology fields, and aims especially to inspire young women to pursue entrepreneurial technology careers. Membership today is 12,000 strong throughout 57 international chapters which organize educational workshops and networking events to foster the growth and success of women in the technology sector.

Urick, a longtime member of the Minnesota technology community and co-organizer of She’s Geeky Twin Cities, has a passion for the organization’s mission and a clear vision for the future of the Minneapolis chapter: “My goal is to engage the local community of women in technology, both in the industry and educational realms. I think a lot of groups forget that our educators are on the front lines when it comes to getting young people excited about technology,”she says. “The Minneapolis chapter will also offer networking opportunities and educational programs for women and girls throughout the Twin Cities.”

Urick has long been interested in science and technology; while in college studting to be a physicist, the rise of the internet in the early 90’s opened her eyes to “a whole new world of possibilities” for curiosity in technology. She worked as a web developer, then transitioned to co-found a local gaming company called SieEnt. “It was such an interesting journey,” she said. “I have met so many women along the way, but they’re in small pockets and different areas. It dawned on me that we need to be able to bring them together.”

GIT will host an event for partners, members and prospective volunteers on December 2, 2010 at Clockwork Active Media Systems in Minneapolis.