Executable #2: Matt Meents, CEO, Reside

by Casey Allen


About Executable #2:

Reside Co-founder and CEO Matt Meents got his entrepreneurial start by promising a custom application to a real estate company that he quickly learned he could never deliver on as promised.

Hear the journey of how almost ran out of cash early on in his venture but eventually worked through it, raised money, and has since grown his enterprise cloud consulting company to 40 employees.

Learn how he worked through that ugly period when sales plateaued and how one book changed it all for him by telling him that he was his own bottleneck.

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*Special thanks to Stemmler Productions for the video production services.


  • http://card.ly/stalkcasey Casey Allen

    Links to a few things mentioned in this interview:

    Bizlounge, the entrepreneur's networking group which slightly tech-entrepreneur heavy: http://bizlounge.org

    “Traction”, the book that helped Matt in his early days: http://amzn.com/0979799007

    Tekne Awards, a pretty big deal, one of which he was nominated for. Awarded a few weeks ago by MHTA: http://www.tekneawards.org