State of Minnesota Launches iTunes U

MDE iTunes UAt a press conference earlier this morning, Governor Tim Pawlenty announced the public availability of content on the State of Minnesota’s official iTunes U portal.

The resource was championed by Minnesota’s Department of Education (MDE) to provide professional development and classroom activities that meet Minnesota academic standards.

Building on Minnesota’s education innovations, the Minnesota on iTunes U website will bring education beyond the classroom and allow students, teachers and other interested users to learn anywhere, anytime. The content on iTunes U includes resources from guest authors, professional development presentations for teachers, nationally recognized speakers and classroom activities.

Minnesota on iTunes U is a collaboration between the Minnesota Department of Education and partners including the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Minnesota Zoo, Walker Arts Center, the University of Minnesota Bookstore, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Public Safety, Minnetonka Public School District and TechdotMN.

“This is a fantastic application of new technology to learning and teacher development that goes well beyond traditional brick and mortar schools in ways that were unimaginable only five years ago,” Governor Pawlenty said.

Minnesota on iTunes U is a dedicated area within Apple’s iTunes Store featuring free access to educational content. Apple calls iTunes U “a powerful distribution system for everything from lectures to language lessons, films to labs, audiobooks to tours.”

TECHdotMN is proud to be a community partner with the State of Minnesota’s Department of Education on iTunes U and we’re pleased with the opportunity to share Minnesota tech stories with the next generation of entrepreneurs.