ADC Foundation Issues Final Round of $3.75m in Grants to Five Community Partners



Via News Release

ADC Foundation announced today that it will make a round of strategic grants totaling $3.75 million to five community partners in the Twin Cities and Juarez, Mexico. Each grant will be $750,000. The Foundation’s grants will be used to promote transformative change in engineering education programs and effective use of computing and communications technologies to better serve disadvantaged populations.

ADC Telecommunications, Inc., parent company of the ADC Foundation, was recently purchased by Tyco Electronics Ltd. (NYSE: TEL). As part of the acquisition-related merger process, the ADC Foundation will make this final round of grants to five key organizations the ADC Foundation has partnered with in the past:  Community Technology Empowerment Project, Fondo Unido de Chihuahua (Juarez, Mexico), MAP for Nonprofits, Minnesota High Tech Foundation and U of M College of Science and Engineering.”

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