Capitol Momentum (beta) Launches to Redefine Online Advocacy

by Brooke Rymer


Capitol Momentum Capitol Momentum, a product of St. Louis Park-based Advocate Interactive, was born last week to redefine online advocacy through a web-based
technology platform.

Currently in a beta-phase, two non-profit customers have already experienced value in the technology that allows organizations and businesses alike to engage audiences who wish to support meaningful causes.

Initially, the technology leverages Facebook by allowing its customers to create and manage alerts for their profile, generate email campaigns, launch a targerted website (coming soon), and interact via mobile application (coming soon). “Many Action Alert products operate as bulk email portals, but we see them as a part of the larger social media ecosystem,” said Bud Fisher, CEO. “We wanted to leverage key social media enablers, principles and trends when building Capitol Momentum for a truly social online advocacy platform.”

Ultimately, the focus of Capitol Momentum is “to provide a better, more efficient way to impact the democratic process,”  according to CIO Michael Nowak.

Capitol Momentum achieves this by giving users an organized voice, which in effect, has greater impact on the decision making process at a congressional level — including the passing of bills that address culturally pressing economic and social issues. In addition to impacting policy with political communication, users can engage others in the dialogue by sharing and promoting their action alerts with contacts. They have access to four primary features, including the ability to create custom action alerts, tools to make action alerts ‘go viral’, recognizing and rewarding users for participation, and assured delivery of outreach efforts.

Nowak tells me that while the initial focus of Capitol Momentum was to allow NGO’s to engage an audience in support of a cause, they quickly discovered that many for-profit businesses had similar advocacy needs. While the two beta customers are non-profits (ANCA and ANCC), Capitol Momentum has positioned itself as a non-bias resource to work with all types of political candidates and support non-political organizations with their individual advocacy needs.

Nowak sees “such a perfect fit between social networks and advocacy,” insisting that “current methods used by campaign managers to promote certain issues, including radio and written letters, even television ads, are just not doing the job. The ability to increase conversations and engagement online are simply unparalleled.”

“By leveraging the strength of the relationships within the social graph, the chances that one user will engage in an alert from a friend is much higher than an alert received from someone he or she does not know…and that’s exactly what we facilitate,” he adds.