Android App Development Book Published by Local Developer

by Mike Bollinger

Donn Felker, a Minnesota developer specializing in mobile software, has authored a book on Android application mobile development.

Android Application Development for Dummies was released last Wednesday and is now available in for Kindle and Nook as well as in paperback through Amazon and several brick-and-mortar stores such as Barnes & Noble.

Felker’s book was published just as Google announced they will make significant updates to its application marketplace to improve usability and discoverability for the 100,000+ applications it houses.  “The Android marketplace is soaring with no signs of slowing down,” says Felker. “My book helps developers new to the Android platform setup their development environment, code Android applications, and submit their finished products to the Android Market.”

Donn is co-organizer of the Twin Cities Developers Group and owner of Agilevent where he provides independent consulting for .NET and Android technologies.  Prior to writing the Android book, he authored an Introduction to Android Development Video Series on TekPub, an online developer education video portal.


  • Eric

    While I'm not a fan of the “Dummies” series, I am a Donn Felker fan, so I'm going to definitely purchase the Kindle edition.

    I wonder if they've considered an audiobook version, read by Donn? :)

    • Eric

      Let me explain this: “While I'm not a fan of the “Dummies” series,”

      The word “Dummies” brings to mind a beginners book or a book for a complete idiot (also a book series). When I think of Android programming and of Donn Felker, I don't normally associate the word “dummy”.

      The reviews on Amazon for this book have been pretty good so far, but I just read something about the Kindle version having formatting and clipping (source code) issues. Drat. That means I need to get the dead tree version. I really wish publishers would release PDF versions. I buy most of my books from Apress and Manning because they offer a variety of ebook formats. I'm done buying dead tree books because they just take up too much room. Over the past 10 years I must have tried to dump or donate HUNDREDS of books to public or user-group libraries. Right now I even have two boxes of 1-3 year old books sitting in my car that I have to drop off. Dead tree books… are dead and publishers need to wake up to that fact! Sorry, for my rant…

      • Donn Felker

        Hi Eric,

        Thanks for the kudos. I'm not sure if Wiley ever does audio book versions. I think it would be rather difficult to convey the code through audio too. However, as you noted, the Kindle version is available. One reader had an issue the other day and I helped them through it and because of reports of the code not lining up (mainly the brackets for some reason as I've been told) I've uploaded the code that I wrote the book with to my github page:

        Therefore, you still can buy the Kindle version and save those trees and at the same time compare the code in the book to the code for the real apps on Github if you run into any issues! :)

        Thanks for the post Eric, I appreciate it.


  • Casey Allen

    If someone had asked me “What are the odds that this author would be from anywhere BUT The Valley?” I'd have said 5%. Astounding. But awesome.

    I'm proud to say I'm surprised almost weekly with MN's talent and the random obsessive techies that I learn about here. Keep on rockin', Donn. Great find, Mike.

    • Donn Felker

      Thanks for the kudos Casey, its much appreciated. Have a good one. Cheers.