Collaborative Mobile Developers Launch ‘Handoff’ for iOS On the Fly


Handoff App for iOSFor certain web searches, the desktop is best,  but you still want that data to go. Thanks to a new app from IdeaSwarm and InfinitApps and you can shoot links, maps, and copied text directly to your iPhone.

Handoff ($2.99) uses bookmarklets and extensions to send things from your computer’s web browser to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It supports various types of info that you may need to take with you on the fly — including web pages, maps, and phone numbers. The app sends a push notification to make getting to the content on a preferred device quick and easy.

Approved last week, v1.01 is the “lean start,” says IdeaSwarm Co founder Dylan Bruzenak, adding “I can’t say exactly what features will be next, but we’re excited about where this is going.”  Google’s Chrome to phone is a similar  feature for Android, and these developers felt Apple users deserved similar functionality. “We pay how many hundreds of dollars for these devices and yet Google has made it a standard feature of  Android 2.2,” he adds when discussing the pure necessity of Handoff.

The app comes to life through a joint collaboration between North Oaks’ InfinitApps, led by developer Troy Gaul and Bloomington-based IdeaSwarm. IdeaSwarm was started two years ago by Dylan Bruzenak, who has since convinced twin brother Dustin and father Michael to join the business.

IdeaSwarm’s first product, AppViz ($30),  is a Mac desktop sales visualization tool for iPhone developers. “If you have apps in the iTunes store, you can currently do two things: (1) download and try to decipher the data from Apple, or (2) use our AppViz  software to easily review/visualize at a glance,” says Dylan.