The Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut


The Blind SquirrelEdina, Minnesota-based Blind Squirrel has secured over half –$525k — of their target $1m equity raise, according to SEC filing from last week.

The startup company features two distinct twists on the inflated “daily deals” business model:

  • A percentage of revenues can be donated towards a specific charitable organization.
  • A white-label product is being developed to empower specific organizations to create and market their own deals.

The Blind Squirrel team is not only distributed across the US, but so are fundraising efforts; Arizona, California, Florida and Minnesota are all listed as locations actively soliciting.  It will be interesting to learn whether the $1m mark is hit, as well as where that cash comes from…Minnesota or beyond?


  • Casey Allen

    I like this angle and think it'll be huge.

    Imagine if a church or Anoka high school's athletic department or The Nature Conservancy could blast out deals to their entire database and earn donor love as well as raise funds simultaneously.

    I don't know these guys but stay tuned everybody. If they can raise this round in under 6 months and grow their sales force before 7 other companies eat their lunch they'll be off to the races in a big, big way.

  • Guest

    I think you hit the nail on the head for the vision, Casey! Why not put the power of the deal into the hands of those who could benefit from it most?

  • Lemonpizza

    beware of these guys.

  • Ripped Off

    Looks like they are out of business.  I stopped by their (former) office in Edina and it's abandoned.  They are long gone, along with some of my money.

  • blindsquirrel=RIPOFF

    Biggest scam ever. it sounds good, but they take all the money and shut down the company then start a new one. this is the third company name they have gone through. i personally know several business owners that lost several thousand dollars, one that lost 12k and i personally lost about 5k. NEVER WORK WITH THEM