Veiled Games Gets Ambitious With Daybreak Heroes


Daybreak HeroesDeep inside the city of Angry Acres, a vile den of villainy has pointed the animato-ray on superhero haven Daybreak City, turning everyday objects into pure evil.

As a teenage superhero, what do you do? Suit up, grab some weaponry, find a sidekick and get to work — of course!?!?

Hence the premise of Daybreak Heroes, the 9th iOS production of Minneapolis mobile developer Veiled Games and “the most ambitious yet,” says to Co-founder and Artistic Lead Evan McMahon..

Life as a Daybreak Hero includes 100’s of various costumes, weapons, sidekicks, enemies, spells, food and of course a virtual currency aka “loot”.  Things get social with the ability to buy, sell and trade goods with other heroes on the virtual marketplace. The ultimate goal is to become the best Superhero by competing with others to defeat the most evil. Check it out:

The animation here looks fantastic and it will be exciting to see at tonight’s Minnedemo (sold out) how this manifests into the gameplay.  Daybreak Heroes isn’t live just yet; V 1.0 ($.99c) will be submitted to the app store by the end of the month and fingers crossed Apple blesses it fast because there’s not a moment to waste when it comes to eradicating evil.

Veiled Games began its journey into mobile development back in early 2008, “literally the day that Apple released the SDK,” exclaims McMahon. The former Floridian met business partner Jeff Wright at school in Northfield’s Carlton College and the duo have been on a roll since.  Considered their greatest success so far, Up There ($.99c) had topped some charts in 2009 and tallied over 100,000 downloads to date.

With over six months of non-stop design and development behind Daybreak (including financial and distribution resourced from the newly formed Recharge Studios), the goal is to make money of course — but also “to become a nationally recognized mobile game developer in Minnesota,”  McMahon says.


  • Rob Weber

    We are very happy to have Veiled Games as our business partner at W3i's Recharge Studios. Evan and Jeff are great guys, and it is good to see they are starting to get discovered by the local scene more.

  • mattbrauchler

    Awesome demo tonight!!!