Why One Tech Entrepreneur Left Minnesota…Only to Return

by Mike Bollinger


Rory GrovesOver the past 10 years and across three states, tech entrepreneur Rory Groves has built a proven resource for weather tracking and analysis.  His company, SWIFT Weather, builds software that is now used by hundreds of commercial, residential, and governmental organizations across the world to track weather in real time.

His software pinpoints where severe weather will strike and ultimately helps people make better informed weather-related decisions.

Three months ago Rory moved back to Minnesota after running his business in other states for the past few years.  We’ve previously reported on multiple tech entrepreneurs born in Minnesota (or who were otherwise strongly tied) but eventually left the state to start or run their businesses.

Rory is unique because he left the state and then came back — because he loves it here.

“My wife and I came to realize — for both personal and business reasons — that we missed Minnesota,” Rory said as I sat down to hear his experiences of starting and growing in multiple states.  Below is a transcript of our conversation: