Stealth Startup Good Connective Raising $200k for March Launch


Good Connective Good Connective — a local startup that’s been under the radar until now — recently kicked-off a $200k seed round, according to SEC docs and CEO Ben Tregoe.

After boostrapping the first eight months, “closing this round is imminent,” according to Tregoe.   He says “Good Connective operates in the broader deal space,” but is hesitant to speak to the details just yet.  From the company’s website:

Good Connective helps its members spend wisely by bringing unique opportunities, more value and better pricing. We help members share these opportunities and experiences with their friends. And we help members help their [nonprofit] causes by allocating 10% of proceeds to our members’ non-profit causes.

“We’re looking for select opportunities and members that we can build as big as possible, as opposed to as many as possible,” says the Boston tech vet who’s been in the online daily deals space since 2005. “We never cracked the code like Groupon, but we were way ahead of the curve,” he feels.

Good Connective is re-launching their website and announcing the first major partner in March.  Stay tuned…


  • Casey Allen

    Wow, a $1m convertible round pre-revenue? Ballsy. Although this sounds very TheBlindSquirrel-esque I certainly hope Ben can pull it off. Crush it!