DriveAlternatives Brings Green Driving to Android

by Son Huynh


DriveAlternativesAndroidAppShortly after releasing version 1.0 of their iPhone app last December, local startup  DriveAlternatives has just launched an Android version of their alternative fuel station database.

Finding alternative fuel can be difficult enough in the city — especially when traveling long distances, one must always be mindful of when and where their next refill will come from. Founded in 2009 by Kavi Turnbull (CEO) and Ben Talberg (CTO), DriveAlternatives claims to have one of the most complete and up-to-date databases of alternative ( E85, Electric Vehicle Charging, Biodiesel, CNG, LPG, Hydrogen ) fuel stations.

DriveAlternatives mobile apps make it easier for green drivers across the nation to find the right fuel at the right time, and with Google’s Android now the number one smartphone OS, they’re making it even more convenient.

Talberg developed their Android app completely in-house, and while not yet as full featured as the iPhone app, he feels that all the main functionality is there. Both mobile apps will let users create accounts, find fuel stations (with driving directions), update prices, mark favorite stations, and more.

Turnbull and Talberg originally started their business on the web, but have since moved into the mobile space. Building upon a crowdsourcing model, their database is mostly user-driven as they rely on the community to keep the data up-to-date on changes like knowing when new stations open up or old stations close down, updated prices, pictures and reviews, etc.

Since first launching their iPhone app and now with an Android app, they have seen a significant increase in engagement. “With this kind of use case, we soon realized that it made the most sense for the information to be made available through mobile,” says Talberg.

DriveAlternatives is in a transition phase of gathering user feedback for their mobile services and making the experience as top notch as possible — while streamlining their revenue sources.  For the future, they are playing with the idea of providing a route-planning feature, which will allow users to map long trips that have alternative fuel stations on the way.

“Our ultimate goal is to make green driving easier so that more people can participate,” says the CEO.


  • Randy Addison

    This is a great way to promote green driving. It is so surprising that people can do simple ways to help Mother Nature. Thanks for posting the story here.