Minneapolis Startup to Debut ‘Workface Platform’ at DEMO in Palm Springs



Via News Release

Workface, a pioneer in human-to-human selling on the Web, today announced it is demonstrating for the first time at the DEMO Spring 2011 conference its groundbreaking “Customer-initiated Engagement Platform.”  The Workface Platform lets businesses empower their professionals to digitally engage anonymously, directly, and in real-time with customer prospects on corporate and third-party web sites, search engines, and mobile devices.

The Workface Platform is powerful, cloud-based software that connects sales people with customers and prospects searching for product and services information on the web related to “high-value” purchases.  Its cloud-based architecture can increase sales conversion rates and time-to-sale without major software and infrastructure investments or programming know-how.  It deploys in about one day, enabling efficient on-demand engagement in a rapidly changing customer landscape.”

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