Cima NanoTech Pulls in $15m Equity Investment


Cima Nanotech

Nanomaterial firm Cima NanoTech recently disclosed raising a $15m series D(2) unattributed equity round.

The company specializes in commercializing nanomaterial for electronics applications. Its technologies and products include silver nanoparticles, conductive inks, and the SANTE line of transparent conductive coatings:

“Cima’s cutting edge Self-Aligning Nano Technology for Electronics (SANTE) Coatings for flat panel displays, solar cells, and other printed electronic applications are poised to allow next generation technology to be used today — while creating a cleaner, greener and safer world for tomorrow.”

A historical review of SEC filings indicates that Cima has raised roughly $30m cumulative, dating back to 2002, when the startup was spun out of Woodbury-based Aveka Group.  The Cima of today is headquartered at tech hotbed UEL in St.Paul, with offices in Israel, Japan and Korea.

The company was a 2008 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award Winner and top 10 Greentech/Cleantech recipient.