Startup.MN Bootcamp Created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Startup.MNDo you know your domain, have a great idea, and want to get it off the ground? If so, a new entrepreneurial boot camp called may be just the push you need.

Championed by local tech entrepreneur Lukas Dickie, the all day immersion is focused on “high growth software opportunities” — and is the first of five to be held over the year.

From the website:

“Led by experienced entrepreneurs and professionals, gets down to brass tacks with high-level, exclusively licensed material used by other successful startups, established businesses, venture capital and private equity firms, non-profit and government organizations, and Fortune 1,000 companies.”

The keynote will be delivered by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, offering a “completely different perspective of aligning one self and preparing for what lies ahead,” according to Dickie.

“This experience involves intense knowledge transfer in the realm of productizing ideas,” he says.  “The material is time tested, developed since ’98,  and undergoes continuous improvement.”  Startup.MN will be held at International Market Square in advance of Launch.MN, where the final session will take place. Participation is limited to 20 and financing ($795) is available.