A-Vu Media Raises $200k Plus for Elederly and Disabled Persons Broadband Bundle


A-Vu Media

A recent SEC notification indicates that Winona-based A-Vu Media has raised $214k in equity financing over the past few months.

A-Vu’s specifics aren’t very clear, but a note on the website explains the conceptual goal as one of reducing Internet and communication complexities for senior citizens and persons of special needs. The closest thing to a product description states:

“By making access to entertainment, internet, voice and video communications possible through simplified remote or voice operated controls and a low-cost set-top box, A-Vu Media is creating ways for its customers to remain independent, yet fully connected to loved ones, care providers and the entertainment content they enjoy. There will also be live assistance available for customers who need help making their in-home content selections.”

An older NTIA application for $9.4m in BTOP funding describes the venture as “a public/private partnership based in Winona, Minnesota, and created by A-Vu Media, Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Winona Health Services, and Home and Community Options.”

h/t Ann Treacy for the raw video capture: