Another Startup Weekend Twin Cities Project Ready for Prime Time


Locate My DealAfter months of development, refinement and private beta testing, Startup Weekend Twin Cities offspring  Locate My Deal is ready to launch.

Positioned as ‘the one place to go for all the deals’, the experience is all about immediacy,  proximity and savings.

The free iPhone app/mobile browser (Android soon) aggregates and filters nearby deals, coupons and specials in real time from a variety of places —  Valpak, Money Mailer, Campus Special, Groupon, Living Social, etc., and also pulls in ‘free’ listings from Craigslist. “It’s an ever-growing list of sources,” explains co founder Aaron Kardell. “If there’s a deal that exists, it will be included — and if there’s not a deal listed, then it doesn’t exist.”

Do we really need another web-based deal company? Despite the plethora of choices consumers can choose from,  “Where is there a deal right now in my neighborhood and how do I know that I’m seeing all options” aren’t questions we’ve been able to confidently answer just yet.

Locate My Deal

No doubt the value proposition is compelling, and it definitely worked as intended during my experiences (who knew there was so many unique offers in South Minneapolis alone?). However, like many great new technologies — the challenge isn’t so much in the innovation — but more so the go-to-market, scalability and sustainability.  With consumer plays, the marketing side of the model is especially critical to success. (B2B2C?)

“Our goal is to get to one million users as a critical mass.  I don’t like to talk about things before they’re done, but I can say that we’re speaking with a number of different groups that have a mutual interest in distribution — from national brands to media companies,” says Kardell, who also has a proven track record of app store sales.

The primary revenue model is based on affiliate sales; by capturing a sliver of the slice, the goal here is to stack cents into dollars. The startup does face competition from The Dealmap, but given the combined talent of the team — Aaron Kardell, Joseph Rueter, Neil Berget and Nate Kadlac — I’d bet there’s plenty of creative possibilities in store here.  The technology will be publically demonstrated for the first time at Mobile 3D this Friday.

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