Connected Device Software Startup Exosite Inks Deal with North America’s Largest Electronics Distributor


Exosite and Arrow ElectronicsMachine-to-machine (M2M) application level SaaS startup Exosite announced today a new distribution deal with Fortune 200 company Arrow Electronics.

Under the agreement, Arrow’s 115,000 customers will have access to Exosite’s cloud-based platform for M2M applications, providing data acquisition, back-haul and storage capabilities, and monitoring and management of connected devices through the company’s 1,000+ product lines.

Exosite’s solution uses concepts similar to that of P2P social networking to foster dialog between devices, systems and end-users.  Their cloud based data platform enables for autonomous real-time remote management of assets and processes across a variety of industries — from industrial process, embedded systems, agriculture, automotive, manufacturing and mobile devices, etc.

Additionally, DIY hobbyists can easily use the software off the shelf while startups can use the cloud based data platform to build their connected device applications on.

“Our partnership is part of a strategic initiative internal to Arrow, Exosite is equipping them with the software necessary to bring together products in their M2M eco-system for connected device applications. It’s really a forward looking shift from their traditional parts based business model and we are excited to be helping them usher that change in,” says business development manager Erik Rorvick.

“Our unique background in embedded systems and focus on cloud-connectivity for devices makes the potential for this partnership very exciting, our device agnostic approach allows Exosite to add value to pretty much all of Arrow’s lines” he added.

The news plays into a much bigger picture: the Internet of things where an integrated future permeates our everyday lives.

Rorvick is bullish on the movement at large, saying that “With the speed technology is converging, it’s not far off that average consumers will be able to take full advantage of connected devices to significantly improve their lives.  It’s about automating trivial tasks and remotely engaging to improve efficiency, amongst other benefits.”

The Minneapolis-based firm is positioned well for this trend and the international team has grown to 15 based in Minneapolis and Taichung City, Taiwan, since its founding in May 2009.

“The next goals is to build on our momentum domestically and launch into the Asian markets to solidify our position us as a true multinational startup from right here in Minnesota,” said Rorvick when asked about the significance of a global Arrow partnership.

To get under the hood of Exosite, tune in to our previous podcast and stay tuned for more from this promising Minnesota startup…