TST Media Bi-Winning at the Overnight Webchallenge


Nerdery Overnight Website ChallengeIt’s said that everyone’s a winner at The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, so it’s only fair to decalare TST Media this weekends bi-winner.

Led by Captain Jason Reed, the 10 member crew beat-out 17 others at the 24+ hour charity hackathon held at the U of M Continuing Education and Conference Center 7a Saturday through 10a Sunday.

The finished product is a brand new website with an ongoing 24/7 support commitment for Bloomington United for Youth (BUY) — a 501(c)(3) coordinating agency where organizations serving the needs of Bloomington youth get together to plan, share ideas, find resources, and coordinate activities.

All in all, it’s estimated by The Nerdery’s VP of Marketing Mark Hurlburt that the combined efforts of over 200 individuals (participants, volunteers, and other miscellaneous characters) equates to half a million dollars in donated services for 18 unique nonprofits throughout the entire experience. Phenomenal!

Now in its fourth incarnation, the Webchallenge has gained widespread public awareness in Minnesota (and beyond) for it’s commitment to helping local org’s better achieve their digital goals by matching talent with need.  The adventure balances loads of hard work with geek play, collaboration with friendly competition and Star Wars with politics.

In our interview above, Hurlburt touches on the humble beginnings, growth and unintended business benefits of giving back in this nature. He also alludes to to some big expansion news to be announced by the time next years gathering rolls around.

Returning judge and ubiquitous Minnesota technologist Dan Grigsby shares what it’s like for him to engage as a judge year over year, as well as the community accomplishment of bringing together people and firms which regularly compete against each other locally for business.

Aaron Weiche speaks to the event from the perspective of a participant and what motivates him to invest 24 hours straight for a good cause.

Hurlburt reminded me to make a special note of Webchallenge sponsors whose collective contributions make it all possible:

VISI, Benchmark Learning, TST Media, Peace Coffee, CobornsDelivers.com, Arthouse, ThinkGeek, Ergotron, Adam Turman, Gyropolis, Celarity, Northern Brewer, CleverKate, Jimmy Johns, Pizza Lucé, Chowgirls, Unwind Within Massage, Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe, Kowalski’s, La Belle Crepe, 1Password, Q.Cumbers, HalloweenCostumes.com, and The Lacek Group.

Congratulations to all who participated and benefited from this one of a kind give-back!


  • http://twitter.com/CathyPaper CathyPaper

    This is the coolest fundraiser event around town. Keep up the good work and some year I'm going to come see it in action! Nice headbands!