Local Mobile Gaming Investor Recharge Studios Makes a Dozen Bets in Q1



Via News Release

W3i, a leading distribution and monetization network for app developers, announces its mobile social game investment subsidiary, Recharge Studios, completes a successful inaugural first quarter investing in twelve mobile social game titles.

Three months after launch, Recharge Studios has a dozen titles either in production or released including Dolphin Play and Daybreak Heroes, both titles already achieved top 25 overall rankings in the U.S. App Store.  Dolphin Play has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

At GDC in March, SkyVu Pictures announced a partnership with Recharge Studios on its next title: BATTLE BEARS ROYALE. SkyVu Pictures recently passed more than 10 million downloads including 8 million for the wildly successful BATTLE BEARS franchise.”

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  • Eskimojo

    Awesome – using games as an inducement to get gamers to give up their personal data which W3I then turns around and sells to marketers. Database marketing at it's worst. #Fail

  • stenpoke

    Its nice that this big company is going to invest in gaming industries. It will bring some new change in this market for sure.

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