Tech IT Out! Event Series to Increase Technology Career Awareness Amongst Minnesota Students

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By Jerome Harrison

Tech IT OutThe Minnesota IT Workforce Collaborative and Advance IT Minnesota are announcing a new series of technology learning events called Tech IT Out! for Minnesota’s high school and post-secondary students.

The message for students is simple: if technology is such a relevant part of your lives already, why not explore an education or career path in technology?

Tech IT Out! will help to expose students to existing resources, as well as selected technology entrepreneurs and practitioners  who will share their personal stories and passions for technology firsthand.

Initially, during the week of April 18, the Tech IT Out! team will be bringing a crew of volunteer technology professionals to Apple Valley High School to deliver a two-day multimedia presentation and follow-up activity to ten different classes.

Later in the month, on April 30, Unisys Corporation in Eagan is hosting the 2011 Tech IT Out! career awareness event for high school and post-secondary age students who are not certain of an academic and career direction.

Tech IT Out! is calling on individuals and organizations from a variety of companies and industries in the Twin Cities metro to speak with students and show them the different ways they use technology in their jobs.

The intent is to illustrate to students that technology skills and solutions are typically at the center of nearly all of their personal, academic and career interests; whatever their interest may be:  fashion, music/arts, law enforcement, engineering, education, entrepreneurship, gaming, legal, sports/fitness, creative arts, automotive, etc. — the reality is that all in-demand future employment will be dependent upon technology skills.

Students who have an interest in computer science and technology can learn from a variety of speakers with different career paths and jobs. On the other hand, students who know – or think they know – that their education and career path will not be in computer science or information technology must still understand that their value as a professional, regardless of career, increases markedly the more technology skills they have.

Local technology peers can contribute by choosing to present to a group of engaged students at either event, or set up an exhibitors booth on April 30th.

For more information, contact Russ Fraenkel rwfraenkel [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • GeriMNegrete

    It's best way to make student aware about their carriers by managing event series which helpful them to get good guideline about their carrier. Is you have another such blog or articles?