Industry Blossoms at MinneWebCon

by Mike Bollinger

MinneWebCon attracted over 250 people yesterday to the fourth annual regional conference for web, mobile, and design professionals. The all-day event took place at University of Minnesota’s Continuing Education and Conference Center and included presentations ranging from mobile design strategy to building great teams.

Luke Wroblewski kicked off the conference by delivering the morning keynote to an eager audience. Designing for Today’s Web was all about the mobile landscape, how it’s changing, and what it means for design strategy. His presentation was replete with statistics, charts, and technical data—refreshing for a topic that is often laden with broad claims and assumptions.

A noticeable portion of those participating were affiliated with the U of M (employment or otherwise), and at least half of the audience was female, a better ratio than I’ve seen at a local technology conference in recent history. Fitting, then, that the afternoon keynote presentation—Revenge of the Nerds—was delivered by Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker, founders of Geek Girls Guide, a site they launched in 2008 to publish their perspective on the interactive industry.

“We had a great turnout, and many commented to me that it was the best of the four conferences that we’ve done,” said MinneWebCon director Kristofer Layon. “We’ve always received good feedback, but it’s also gratifying to know that repeat attendees see us getting even better. That’s certainly been our goal: we want happy attendees and happy presenters, and have it be a great and inspiring day.”

Fifteen breakout sessions explored such topics as HTML5 design, CSS frameworks, JavaScript libraries for interactive graphics, web team management, and community building. As if planned, the sessions provided deep dives into the broader themes espoused in the keynotes: people are changing the way they use the web (in Designing for Today’s Web), and, the world is shifting from a product-centric economy to a people-centric economy (in Revenge of the Nerds).

We connected with a few of the session leaders and keynote presenters to learn a bit more:

Luke Wroblewski describing keynote presentation Designing for Today’s Web

Timothy Kunau led a session about interactive graphics titled More than 1000 Words: Scripts and Techniques for Interactive Graphics

Toby Cryns and Peter Fleck geekout with WordPress

Mykl Roventine on web typography from his session called Just Your Type: Web Typography & You

Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker summarize their keynote Revenge of the Nerds: People, Technology, and Innovation


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