Startups make their pitch at business-building event



By Kari Petrie, St.Cloud Times

“Local entrepreneurs were given just seven minutes Tuesday to present their product and ask for help to build their business during an event at St. Cloud State University.Ten startups presented during MinneDemo, which gives companies seven minutes each to get out the word about their businesses. The event also featured time when participants could network with others in the tech community.

Tuesday was the first time a MinneDemo event has been conducted outside of the Twin Cities. A standing room only crowd of about 200 people gathered at Atwood Memorial Center for the event co-sponsored by Times Media.”

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  • Kate Anderson

    Isn't the 7 minutes to short to present ones business? well we can't blame the organizers I think this is a way to prove how good the presenter is for he or she have to keep up a business proposal for a given time.

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  • Business Opportunity

    I think 7 minutes is not enough for a business presentation. Through this presentation, people will know the capabilities and how good presenter an entrepreneur is…